It’s worth noting that Walmart’s ratings are even worse, and I consider Walmart to be a relatively trustworthy retailer. With DressLily, I could see that most of the reviews are organic (meaning unsolicited), and the rest were generated by manual invitations the company sent out. I scrolled down to the “New reviews by star rating” table and filtered it by manual invitations. Then you’ll be asked to sign in with Google, Facebook or your email address to continue. Whether you just want to read reviews or leave one of your own, visit to get started.

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Let’s take TeePublic as an example so that we can further explain how this website works. TeePublic is a printed clothing store that we’ve heard good things about, but we personally haven’t bought anything from this shop yet. There are websites out there that can help you quickly and easily browse through thousands of reviews, one of which is the ever popular Trustpilot.

Consumers own their reviews

This tells me that Trustpilot may be one way to contact a particular company if you have a problem. If consumers want to leave a review or share their experience with a certain company, then they just have to create a free account in order to do so. Similarly, companies can also create free accounts so that they can respond to the consumers’ reviews. However, you don’t need to register for an account if you just want to check a business’s rating or read through its reviews.

How Can Trustpilot Help Your Business?

To determine Trustpilot’s legitimacy further, I researched a few more examples in the same way that I looked at DressLily in the section above. This article was updated in February 2024 and I review it every 12 months. From the time my item was collected by the courier I was informed. They gave me a date it would be delivered to me but they also emailed me to say it was on its way and also let me know when it was about to be delivered. The parcel was all in one piece as though it had just departed from the seller. Squarespace is known for its sleek designs and customization options.

  1. All reviews are treated equally—and we don’t allow companies to remove a review just because they don’t like it.
  2. Generative AI is developed, trained, and deployed in large, centralized data centers.
  3. Lower on the page, you’ll see all of the published reviews sorted by date.
  4. This includes where the company’s reviews come from, how its ratings differ per source, how many reviews it has flagged and whether those flagged reviews actually breached Trustpilot’s guidelines.
  5. This is one reason that you may come across some less-than-reputable reviews on Trustpilot just like you might on any review site.

Read reviews. Write reviews.

Trustpilot becomes not just a review platform, but a dynamic tool for building and fortifying your brand reputation. The transparent and open nature of Trustpilot’s ecosystem allows your business to showcase its commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s not merely about receiving reviews; it’s about actively engaging with your customer base, addressing concerns, and fostering a positive relationship that resonates with authenticity.

We’re a passionate bunch of people from all around the world

We are an independent platform, free to use and open to everyone, where reviews based on genuine experiences exist to help millions of people and businesses around the world. You should check Trustpilot to read customer reviews before making any on-line purchases. From what we’ve seen so far from browsing through the website, it’s safe to say that Trustpilot is a legit review website for consumers. It’s clear to see that Trustpilot was able to achieve its goal through this site, which was to connect consumers and companies together.

Product Demos

They provide real-life experiences and feedback that helps individuals determine the trustworthiness and reliability of a company. We allow anyone to post a review, which prevents businesses from pre-screening or moderating what consumers actually read. This is where consumers can read and write reviews, and find other relevant information about the business, such as the overall TrustScore and star rating. Reviews on Trustpilot are written by consumers from across the globe. A user account must be connected to an email address so we can get in touch for account- and service- related issues. Finally, if you own a company or business, claiming your Trustpilot profile, responding to reviews and inviting customers to rate your page can be a great way to build a trustworthy online presence.

When visitors see that other people have purchased products from you successfully, they’ll likely feel more at ease about doing the same. Some plugins connect with review websites to help you display them to your site visitors. Likewise, you may be able to tell if the reviewer is paid to write targeted feedback by checking out their other reviews.

I double-checked these ratings against the BBB just to compare, and Fabletics has a significantly lower customer review average there. In fact, it averaged just 1.15 out of 5 stars despite having an A+ BBB rating and paying for accreditation. Still, in the last year, the company has closed 165 complaints, which tells me that Fabletics is involved with its customers on both review sites. This is good to know despite some low ratings and negative reviews. Because of these factors, I would trust ordering from this company. Blackmail us to pay for fake reviews to be removed.Circumstances, my company, DietPal, received a negative review from someone in Germany who we have never dealt with.

When you create a business account, you can start inviting customers to leave feedback. Trustpilot helps consumers shop with confidence and helps businesses build trust, grow and improve what they offer. The more consumers use our platform to share their experiences, the richer the insights we offer businesses, and the more opportunities they have to earn the trust of consumers from all around the world. While anyone can leave reviews on Trustpilot, there are guidelines for who’s eligible to rate and review a company. You have to check a box when leaving a review that confirms you’re writing about your own genuine experience, and you have to enter your email address to verify your review.

The business transparency page is one of the most valuable resources because it gives you an idea of how the company is interacting with its customers. From the website’s homepage, you can search for a company or category to explore. I typed in “dresslily” and clicked on to get an idea of how Trustpilot works.

We welcome all reviews from consumers who’ve had a genuine experience. Businesses can ask their customers to leave a review using our invitation methods, for free. Businesses should ensure there is no bias in the way they invite their customers to review them, and they’re not allowed to offer any sort of payment or incentive for reviews. Trustpilot’s “standard plan” starts at $225 a month, although additional modules—such as unlimited review invitations and location-based review analytics—add to the price tag. Unfortunately, fake reviews are everywhere online, and they seem to be increasing.

Trustpilot promotes transparency by allowing both positive and negative reviews. This ensures that the reviews are unbiased and provide an honest reflection of a business. Customers can trust Trustpilot to provide genuine feedback about companies and their products or services. At the time of writing, Fabletics had 110,109 reviews and averaged 4 stars, which is a great rating.

To do so, you have to first create a Trustpilot profile, which is free. Some companies invite their recent customers to provide a review, in which case a profile is automatically created for new users with personal information that they already provided to that company. Lastly, by acting as an external review site, Trustpilot helps establish trust and authority with potential clients. This platform allows businesses to showcase their positive reviews and demonstrate their credibility in the market. Overall, Trustpilot’s wide range of use cases makes it an invaluable tool for organizations looking to build brand trust, improve customer experiences, and differentiate themselves from competitors. In addition to marketing efforts, Trustpilot is selected by businesses to verify the authenticity of reviews and differentiate themselves from competitors.

The number of fake or harmful company reviews that Trustpilot removed from its platform, according to its second annual transparency report, released in 2022. However, consumers don’t need an invitation to leave a review for a company with which they’ve interacted. Once you have logged into your Trustpilot profile, you can look for the business’s profile using the search function hycm review and then leave feedback. Anyone who’s had a genuine experience is welcome to write a review, good or bad. All reviews are treated equally—and we don’t allow companies to remove a review just because they don’t like it. Creating a free account on Trustpilot for your business is a great way to interact with your customers, build your online presence and increase your credibility.

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