Chart of Accounts COA Definition & Set Up

These sub-accounts include operating revenues, operating expenses, non-operating revenues, and non-operating losses. The sub-accounts may also be organized by business functions or company divisions. Because the chart of accounts is a list of every account found in the business’s accounting system, it can provide insight into all of the different financial transactions that take place […]

Fluor’s FLR Stock Down on Q1 Earnings & Revenues Miss May 3, 2024

The segment margin was 3.2% versus a negative 0.4% in the year-ago period. Adjusted EBITDA in the reported period was $88 million, up from $71 million in the prior-year period.Fluor’s total new awards in the quarter were $7 billion compared with $3.23 billion in the year-ago period. The consolidated backlog at the first-quarter end […]

Double-Declining Balance Depreciation Method

The facts are the same as in the example under Figuring Depreciation for a GAA, earlier. In February 2024, Make & Sell sells the machine that cost $8,200 to an unrelated person for $9,000. If the result of (3) gives you a midpoint of a quarter that is on a day other than the first […]